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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ikea Expedit Bookcase Ideas

How to Decorate Using Ikea Expedit Bookcase

I am in the market for a good sturdy bookcase - to showcase my ever-growing collection of books and knick-knacks. I do not want a boring bookcase, the kind you would find in offices. Instead, I want to place the bookcase in the living room, and perhaps even in my bedroom.

After comparing prices and designs, I settled on the Ikea Expedit. I absolutely love its open concept, and the fact that it comes with optional covered inserts that gives me the option of having covered storage in places of my choosing.

The prices of the Ikea Expedit are relatively reasonable, and it comes in various sizes. This allows the Ikea Expedit to be used in various living spaces, and in creative ways. Furthermore, the open cube concept allows it to be used as a room divider as well. Just what I am looking for!

Here are some ways to use the Ikea Expedit bookcase in your home that I came across. I can't wait to get started on decorating my home with the Ikea Expedit soon! The only problem is that with so many ideas on what to do with the Ikea Expedit, I am going to have a tough time settling on one.

Ikea Expedit Bookcase Ideas

Ikea Expedit Bookcase 2 X 4
Placed Horizontally With Weave Baskets
Simple and Yet Visually Captivating

Ikea Expedit Bookcase 2 X 4
Placed Horizontally on the Ground

Another Expedit Bookcase 2 X 4
Placed Horizontally on the Ground

Ikea Expedit 5 X 5
The bookcase is stacked onto a bench
with storage boxes underneath

Ikea Expedit As a Room Divider

Ikea Expedit Bookcase As a Room Divider

Ikea Expedit Bookcase
With Decorative Backing

Ikea Expedit Bookcase Ideas



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