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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Are Marble Tiles Good for Bathroom Floor?

Are Marble Tiles Good for Bathroom Floor?

Stone tiles are often used in bathrooms for their endurance - they are good to endure the hot, humid and wet atmosphere that is ever present in a frequently used bathroom. The commonly used stone tiling used in the bathrooms are granite, travertine and marble tiles.

For a luxurious look (and definitely enduring quality), marble tiling in the bathroom is one of the better options. However, it is also an expensive option. But one cannot argue with the overall ambiance that a marble tiled bathroom exudes! So if you feel you can afford marble tiling, this would be a good option indeed.

However, marble tiling does come with some extra care tips, and disadvantages. See below for more.

Marble Tiles in the Bathroom

Advantages of Marble Tiles in Bathroom

The marble tiles are hardy, and will last you a life-time if you take care of them well enough. Marble tiles are naturally water-proof as well. They are well-worth the initial investment, and the overall quality and look is unbeatable.

Disadvantages of Marble Tiles in Bathroom

Marble tiles, like all natural stone tiles, is highly reactive to acidic elements like shampoo, soap and toothpaste. However, reactions can be avoided by adding a floor sealer onto the marble bathroom tiles.

Marble tiles will be cool to touch - this can be uncomfortable to most people when using the bathroom, especially after a hot shower! But some people install radiant heat under the bathroom floor marble tiles. This is is easy to do and inexpensive to operate when installed correctly. However, if you don't want the additional expense, then simply add well-placed absorbent rugs that will keep your feet warm when you step out of the shower.

Marble tiles are also unforgiving to high-impact hits and breaks. Cracks in the marble can be ugly. It is also difficult to replace marble tiles (each tile has a unique pattern). Some people will buy more marble tiles than they need and keep them in the store room for occasions such as when marble tiles crack. Then that way they have the space marble tiles (that are matching) to replace the cracked ones with.

All in all, marble tiles in the bathroom are a good option to consider.

Marble Tiles in the Bathroom Pictures

Grey Marble Tile in Bathroom

Shiny White Marble Tile in Bathroom

Stunning Polished Marble Tiles in Zen-Inspired Bathroom

Soft Beige Pastel Hues Marble Tiled Bathroom

Luxurious Marble Tiles in Bathroom

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Blogger Anny said...

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Blogger Alana said...

The last photo is my fave bathroom hereā€¦ It looks like one of those rooms in a mansion. If I were given a chance to bathe there, it would probably take me a day to finish. Hehe! The Zen-inspired bathroom is my second fave, btw.
Alana Geikie

March 14, 2012 at 3:42 PM  
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Blogger John Smith said...

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Blogger John Smith said...

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Blogger Rajib Hossain said...

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