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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bathroom Interior Design - Blue and Chocolate Theme

When I moved into my new apartment, I did not want to completely renovate the entire bathroom. The guest bathroom had blue tiles in the bath area, and so I had to work around with the color for the bathroom interior design.

I decided on a blue and chocolate interior design for the guest bathroom. The below contains some great ideas on doing a blue and chocolate interior design for a bathroom. But before that, here is a great article I found that helps you decide on picking bathroom colors based on several basic principles.

Bathroom Color Basics
By R. Madison

Transfixed in a sea of color, of from the bluest sea to the bluest sky and feeling warm and sunny in the warm lemon shade of yellow. Fiery passion is ignited in shades of red and orange, and calming the inner self with scenery of green, feeling the earthly vibes of shades of brown and beige. Transforming your thoughts to sheer purity in whitest of whites. These colors evoke a plethora of feelings which make colors a very important aspect of our lives, anywhere and everywhere. Same in home environment, colors will instantly convey a range of emotion and artistry in decorating one's home. In the private secluded area, bathroom colors will surely make a statement to anyone who enters and wishes to take part in the pleasure and comfort a bathroom has to offer.

In choosing what shades or color you want for your bathroom, it is important that you coordinate this with the overall theme of your home. Bathroom colors basically exhibit your truest personality as it is manifested on one of your most private part of your home. Thus, choosing a statement or choosing the color representing your personality is a choice you have to make carefully.

Bathroom colors are also considered also to include the members of the family like children and older ones. Bright colors coupled with elegant designs will fuse the interests of the children and adults which will make the children enjoy taking baths or brushing their teeth more, or create a pleasant mood among adults.

In flooring and fixtures, the colors should be coordinated or should provide a delightful contrast to the color of your walls to create a variety in visuals. However, also remember to stick to one or two shades only to avoid creating confusion in a single small space. The tiles on the floor should be darker than the walls. This is to emphasize the solid floor providing a contrast to the walls making it a focus. Also, it would help conceal dirt and grime and will not easily discolor through continuous use through time.

Choosing bathroom colors for your vanities and cabinets is also carefully selected. In color schemes, dark colors will make a room darker. So when painting a strong and solid dark color, provide lots of light to make it brighter. Use small spotlights for a focal point effect enhancing an elegantly displayed d├ęcor or area. For counters, use light colors to create a clean and polished look.

Accessories also play up the overall theme of the bathroom. Compliment dark colors of your bathroom with light accessories and vice-versa. Accentuate accessories with colors according to your mood and theme. This is a quick and interesting way to alter and cheer-up your overall bathroom appearance and play for bathroom colors.

For more information on bathroom colors and bathroom lighting fixtures visit http://www.lightingbathroomfixtures.com for helpful insight.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=R._Madison

Blue and Chocolate Interior Design for Bathroom

A rich and royal chocolate brown bath rug that features a
fleur-de-lis accent emblem in a vibrant mist blue.

Luxury Bordeaux Bathroom Accents in Blue Chocolate

This is the Bordeaux Shower Curtain by India Ink. Set on a soft, pale blue background, chocolate brown fleur-de-lis medallions are screened on the curtain in soft felt-like fabric. Coordinates with the Bordeaux bath accessories, towels and bath rug for a complete, classic look for your bathroom.

Shower curtain made from 100% PEVA vinyl.
Baby blue and brown Contemporary Look.

Lovely rich bathroom coordinates.

Mediterranean Blue Bathroom Interior Design
Check out the terra cotta tiles.

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