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Monday, August 3, 2009

How to Interior Design a Small Bathroom Space | Small Bathroom - Best Bathroom Decor

It is difficult to interior design for small spaces.

And bathrooms are especially tricky because of water pipings limit the ability of moving things around.

Even more so with small bathrooms.

There are also issues of storage space to contend with.

But you can be creative in choosing appropriate decor for the small space bathroom so that it stands out instantly.

I have been toying around with vibrant colors for bathroom interior design and bathroom decor and accents. Here are some really cool ideas I came across.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Storage
A cool idea when you are lacking space for floor cabinets.

Bamboo Shower Caddy
This is so beautiful - no more tacky steel ones that rust!

Wall Shelves in Bathroom
IThis is an innovative idea to place shelves/racks in small bathrooms.
Why crowd the floor space when you can use the walls?

Bold Vibrant Blue Bathroom Interior Design

Vibrant Red and White Bathroom Interior Design
Bold colors pop out instantly. I love the play of red on white tiles!

Here is one expert's take on small bathroom interior designing and bathroom decor:

As the fields of interior design and home improvement have become more popular in recent years, the formerly often neglected bathroom has been getting more attention than ever. Many people are turning their plain bathrooms into lush getaways or sophisticated spas. Small bathrooms, however, pose unique challenges when it comes to design.

While the lack of space may make it impossible to install a large garden tub or double sinks, there are still ways to give even small bathrooms a much needed facelift.

Often the biggest problem in small bathrooms is the lack of storage space. To create room for storage, it is necessary to get creative. Look for storage units that are wall mounted. A cabinet over the toilet or a shelf over a bathtub can add valuable space for storing bathroom essentials. Some storage solutions, such as a large basket for holding rolled up towels, can double as design elements.

If creating additional floor space is your design goal, look around and see what you can downsize. Removing a large vanity and replacing it with a pedestal sink will free up a large amount of space, and it is also more stylish. If your small bathroom has a tub and shower combo, consider removing the bathtub and downsizing to a free-standing shower instead. If you would like to keep the bathtub but wish it was smaller, opt for one designed to fit in a mobile home.

Due to the smaller area, smaller bathrooms often are less expensive to work on. Less space to fill and smaller square footage typically result in a lower bill for materials. Use this to your advantage to really make your bathroom an asset to your home. Small accessories add interest to the design as well as personal touches that will turn that small bathroom into your dream bathroom.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Matthew_Sorrow

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